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Our 2015 tour.   This page does allow you to add additional ride to Calgary or additional to Sturgis..  With our without the inclusions, there is so much to see.   I haven't set dates as it depends what you are going there for as to what time of year.  On a bike we always made sure we were up in Canada late June into July to catch there summer.  

So let’s ride Canada into USA and back to Canada.  This trip is based on scenery and getting off the bike (or out of the car) and embracing some of the beauty on foot.  One thing about being on a bike is the 360 degree views, being part of the world around you.   This trip can be broken down into 2 visits or one amazing ride.  Although I post this as a motorcycle ride, it can just as easily be done in a car (convertible mustang would be my choice) or camper van.  The choice's are yours and I'd be more than happy to help fine tune any trip that you are thinking of taking.  

If you are heading over in peak season July, then I recommend that you book accommodation in advance, as accommodation gets booked out.  If you are heading to  Sturgis then you'll need to be thinking about accommodation at least 8 - 12 months out.

Bike hire recommended out of Trev Deeleys Vancouver.


Things you should know

USA National Parks require a fee to enter of approx $20 - $25 USA. These can be purchased as you enter a park or alternatively purchase an Annual Park Pass for $80USA  which will get 1 car or 2 bikes into the National Parks. These can be pre-purchased on line or again as you enter the first park ask for Annual Park Pass.

You also need a Canada Park Pass for Jasper and Banff area. 

This ride can also be adjusted to arrive in Calgary for the Calgary Stampede which is usually around the 5th - 16th July each year (see day 11 you can take the detour now and go out to Calgary and then get back onto the ride) or incorporate the Sturgis Motorcycle Week then check out Option 2 of the tour. You'll need to detour once we reach Yellowstone. Sturgis is held every year in first week of August.

Canada mileage is in Kilometers where as America is in miles.   I don't like too bigger ride days, to allow for stops and being able to enjoy what you are riding in. 

Hotels.com is a great booking site for motels etc and every 10 nights you get a night free.  The other ones I have used is Best Western and IHG as both award points which can be used for a free night.  

Be aware that you need a ESTA to go into America and should be pre purchased and approved before travel cost approx $12 pp.  Canada also requires a ETA before entering the county approx $7.

Canada &  America Travellin 1on1 has been there.

  Include Calgary or Sturgis choice is yours.  

Travel our journey and make your own memories

July 5, 2017

Day 1    Vancouver

Arrive in the beautiful city of Vancouver and check into your accommodation. Recover from the flight and enjoy an evening walk plenty to see in this lovely city. For the next three days relax and enjoy the sights of Vancouver, my suggestion is Top of the Tower

Restaurant for dinner. This revolving restaurant allows you to see the sunset and the lights come on. Book for an early evening table by the w...

June 23, 2017

Option 2         Incorporate Calgary Stampede

The Stampede is usually around the first 10 days of July each year, aim to be there for the last week for the finals of the Rodeos.

Day 11, 12, 13 Banff to Calgary

I would suggest 2 or 3 nights in Calgary to incorporate the amazing sites of the Calgary Stampede, there is entertainment every night but should be pre-booked for the shows. Unfortunately, the shows do cross...

June 8, 2017

Including Sturgis - This would add approximately 10 days onto your tour if you were to ride all the way back to Vancouver.

Sturgis week is a must, if your riding in America. But book at least 8 months in advance to get your accommodation, and yes it will be triple what you normally pay. There is plenty of choice, Rapid City has always been a great base for us just 20 minutes out of Sturgis.

Day 15 West Yellowstone to Cody


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